The brand

The brand Lisa Wixell offers innovative, feminine and functional clothes designed for women who like to mix a sensual expression with playfulness.

With a combination of Swedish function and comfort and the metropolitan pulse of Barcelona, Lisa Wixell has created unique and elegant garments stylish to wear for daily pleasure and special moments.

The designer Lisa Wixell has a long experienced background with textiles and tailoring. Her ambition is to offer models for all kind of shapes and sizes with the goal to create a feeling of comfort, luxury and beauty when wearing it. Her unique pieces of dresses, underwear and complements are made by pleasure for pleasure.

Boutique / Showroom

Lisa Wixell boutique with a tailor studio on the second floor, opened in the end of 2007 and since then it has been the main place for design, production and sales.

With the tailor studio this closely located to the boutique, Lisa Wixell is able to build close and professional relations with the customers. All the collection models can be customized and unique wedding dresses are also a creative part of the concept.

Beside the sales, the boutique also works as an open Showroom for professionals from related sectors.




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The Lisa Wixell brand concept is based on close and professional service to both retail and wholesale customers.

Wholesale customers are offered a personal and close business relationship with customized and fare conditions.

Are you interested in Lisa Wixell collections and how to get the brand represented in your shop?

Please contact us at:
+34 93 511 25 64



C / Flassaders 27-29
08003 El Born - Barcelona

SALES (boutique/Wholesale) AND MARKETING /PR:
+34 93 511 25 64